Friday, May 15, 2009

My Treatment Schedule

Strangely enough the sounds being emitting from the machine as the giant magnets did their work started sounding a lot like music. While laying for 45 minutes in the MRI machine today, I simply closed my eyes and took a little nap.

I am getting all my tests repeated prior to going in to therapy. Today was the MRI of the brain. I had nothing show up previsouly in the brain, this was just to make sure nothing has crept up in there. I'll have the results in a few days.

On Tuesday, May 18 I'll go in first thing in the morning for a new set of PET and CT Scans. That means I'll be putting down the juice maker the night before in favor of more of that yummy barium crap. That will give us a bench mark to see my progression and reaction with treatment.

I am having my central vein port installed on Wednesday at about noon. Once I get out of recovery I will be admitted to begin treatment. I will be in the hospital for 5 days. Every 8 hours the doctors will administer the IL-2 and send it flooding into my bloodstream. With any luck, my body will accept the IL-2 and it will properly identify the cancerous cells and kill them off once and for all.

During treatment, I am apparently going to be feeling quite ill. Even though IL-2 is an immune system booster and not a poison like chemo. At times, my blood pressure will drop and I might experience some fairly severe flu like symptoms. I think I'm about to find why some say not only did I survive the cancer, but also the treatment. This is not going to be very pretty.

Johns Hopkins Hospital
600 N Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21287
(410) 955-5000

Maps and Directions (hint, hint)

What am I doing in preparation for this? I am healing my body the natural way. As I mentioned before I have already removed animal proteins from my diet and stayed true to that for a few weeks now. I've also began a process that will put a high amount of nutrients into my body and give my immune system a kick start. I am following the alternative cancer treatment knows as the Gerson Therapy.

Every hour I consume 8 ounces of freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juice. For 12 hours of the day, I am filling my body up with juices from about 20 pounds of fruits and veggies. I am currently using a masticating type juicer (on lend thanks to Sarah and Steven) which does a great job breaking out all of those enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

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