Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday and Saturday Round up

Wow ... This stuff is putting a hurting on me. I just now received dose 9. We have figured out that by placing warm blankets at just about 2 hours after the IL-2 dose we have been able to eliminate the Rigors.

I've continued to have great blood levels on things white blood and red blood cell counts. Also indications for kidney levels and liver functions are still holding at good levels. I did just find out that my phosphorus levels have been slowly diminishing. No worries, there is always another drug they can give me to counter act the symptoms. They just took more blood work to get a better idea of which options we should take.

All the doctors and nurses here are excited that I've made it this far. Many times people get this far have usually skipped one or two doses along the way. No me, I'm a fighter.

I also wanted to share my prayer bear with everyone. My nan gave this to me to keep in my room.

He is my little buddy!

Amy was here with me on Friday as well as my parents and Kaige. I was less than entertaining for you guys, sorry. I spent a great deal of the time sleeping. I think Kaige was fine, he watched a movie and played a few video games to pass the time.

Sorry for the two day round up, I've been spending a lot of time sleeping and just not feeling like doing much. The doctor told me to today that based on the amount of medicine I am on, I could get out as early as Monday afternoon or Tuesday. I'm ready to go home.


Want My S2000 said...

Thats great news about the blood levels and the not missing a dose!! This does not surprise me though as you never do anything halfway! ;-) Keep kicking butt and you will be home soon.

Want My S2000 said...

BTW -- The bear rocks! I love the hat.

Anonymous said...

You're nearing the home stretch. Way to go!!! Keep on doing what you're doing- seems to be working well.